March 21, 2015, start at 19:30

Performance artist Carlos Salazar Lermont from Caracas will be in town. A good reason for us to put up this event CAPSULE. It is almost a year later that we welcome Carlos, but thanks to our dear colleagues ]performance s p a c e[ in London who managed to bring Carlos over to Europe.

Carlos Salazar Lermont lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela. After he studied painting and drawing at the Cristobal Rojas School of Visual Arts, he graduated with a Fine Arts degree in sculpture at the UNEARTE in Caracas. Carlos presented performance art work throughout venues in Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. His performance art works are emotionally charged proposals, elaborated into concrete actions in which he wants to activate feelings and emotions with the audience. Some of Carlos his performances are situated in public space. He mentions that he enjoys the urban, dirty aesthetics, adapted and derived from the environment he lives in.

Olga Blázquez Sánchez (Madrid, Spain, 1989) writes: My work mainly focuses on two main topics: gender and ecology. I always try to challenge the concept of performance in my projects because I think it has become an elitist term that only few people (think that) can “understand”. I reflect on familiar topics and try to make myself understandable in order to establish a dialogue with the audience / participants.

ieke Trinks (NL, 1977) is a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam. For the past several years she has organized PAE in the Netherlands and worked in collaboration with the all-girl improvisation troupe, TRICKSTER. Trinks has performed extensively at international venues, including FADO in Toronto, Defibrillator in Chicago, and every sort of start-up, up-start occasion in Brazil. Trinks recently completed One Family, a project in which she worked with a family to carry out a public performance in Helsinki, Finland.

PAE is a non-profit initiative that is run by the artists Nina Boas and ieke Trinks who find it important that performance art can be experienced live in order to contribute to a lively discourse about the form. All activities at the moment are organized without financial support but with the help of the presenting artists, the organizers, volunteers and by the NAC foundation who offers the Wolfart Projectspaces.

Location: Wolfart Projectspaces, Wolphaerstraat 25, Rotterdam, NL
Entrance fee €4,-