June 21, 2015


Performances by: Mathieu Bohet | Yérri-Gaspar Hummel | Antonio Chipriana | Sandrine Lehagre | Vanita Monk

19:00 hrs. food for a small price prepared by Jip van der Hek.
19:30 hrs. performances
22:30 end

Entrance: €5,-

Location: Wolfart Projectspaces, Wolphaertstraat 25, Rotterdam, NL


Mathieu Bohet

‘Corpus in Act’ brings four artists. This Paris initiative, was founded by Mathieu Bohet, Manuela Centrone and Željka Jović. In addition to its own work, the collective offers a platform for performance art taking as a starting point the expressiveness of the human body. Corpus in Act takes a multi-disciplinairy approach to performance that includes: installation, video, poetry, action, sound, dance and experimental theater. But besides the Paris invasion, Performance Art Event will also host Vanita Monk, who will add a native Rotterdam flavor to the evening.

Mathieu Bohet lives and works in Paris. During a student exchange at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia he discovered the classes of Bartolomé Ferrando, which sealed this interest in action art. In 2009 he wrote a final draft of his masters thesis on the topic of performance in relation to the metamorphosis of narrative and image-movement. His actions address social and political concerns or archetypical figures. Video appears throughout his work, whether it is to document his actions or as part of the process of implementing an action.

Antonio Chipriana has been a multi-disciplinary artist for over 20 years. In his performances he explores that which surrounds him, including as elements of his work such qualities as plasticity and fluidity. In his drawings, sculptures, and performances the subject and time are staged to provoke uncertainty in an attempt to activate audience mechanisms.

Sandrine Lehagre’s poetic research is based on the materiality of language in both its visual and aural form. She uses lyricism where body and mind seek to be acquainted, where presence is a heckling with the infinite. Draw on the wall and repeat the word FREE, or sign with the ∞, but stage the words of the poem in the space of the page and then say what emerged from the written.

Yérri-Gaspar Hummel began playing the piano at the age of five and learned music theory at Karlsruhe’s Informatic & Music Institute (IMWI) and the Strasbourg university & conservatory. He also studied ethnomusicology and sound poetry in Strasbourg, then music composition with Mark Andre. His pieces use diverse media technologies, but his focus is on uses of turntables and tape to engage a deeper experience of listening!

The Mud is the Flower is a work by Vanita Monk. Monk draws, paints, and performs using body, voice, and noise. She writes and tells stories about wild people and other animals, and explores dreams of being invisible in the crowd.


PAE is a non-profit initiative that is run by the artists Nina Boas and ieke Trinks who find it important that performance art can be experienced live in order to contribute to a lively discourse about the form. This event is made possible with the financial support of Mya Foundation / New Ateliers Charlois and the help of the volunteers and artists.