With: Celeste Marí | Rafaa Ismael | Clara Borg | Ina Ciumakova | Gerson Krönstadt | Sarojini Lewis | Nicole Willems | Nina Orteu

This is already the 3th edition of VERTIGO, a platform for the experiment in performance art supported by PAE (Performance Art Event, Rotterdam). Space is given to those who want to try-out their performance art ideas. After the performances there will be a discussion about the presented works, and open for anyone to join in. VERTIGO wants it to be a comfortable space to perform!

Nina Orteu from Barcelona is currently an exchange student at the Fine Arts department of the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Nina started VERTIGO to create a space for experiment and to be in dialog with other artists who are interested to explore performance art.

PAE-VERTIGO_3th edition_2015_small

VERTIGO wants it to be a comfortable space to perform!

Wolfart Projectspaces
Wolphaertstraat 25
Rotterdam, the Netherlands


More upcoming activities (all in the Wolfart Projectspaces)

February 7th, 13:00 – 19:00 hrs:
THE CONCEPTBANK.ORG initiative of The Unnoticed Festival by Frans van Lent. Part of Uit De Verf a route during Art Rotterdam.

February 17th, 19:30 hrs:
EXPERIENCE, guest organizers of performance art events from Breda.

February 27th, 17:00 hrs:
Students of the Willem de Kooning Academy performance presentations.

PAE is a non-profit organization that is run by the artists Nina Boas and ieke Trinks who find it important that performance art can be experienced live in order to contribute to a lively discourse about the form. All the above mentioned activities are supported with the help of the presenting artists, the organizers, volunteers and by the NAC foundation who offers the Wolfart Projectspaces.